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If you could press a button and do something in 2 seconds that used to take hours and even days, what would you call it? Magic? We call it ZRATE, our innovative, instant freight quote tool. ZRATE instantly delivers accurate, detailed quotes for your oversized freight and over-dimensional loads. It’s the real deal and ZRATE is Transforming the OD industry

Did we mention ZRATE redefines easy while blazing a trail through innovation? Simply enter in a few key pieces of information like pick-up and delivery locations, the size of load, and type of truck desired. Then, voilà, our expert ZMac team swiftly works with you to deliver a competitive, market-analyzed price that includes all permits, escorts, and survey costs. We have all fronts covered including an efficient border crossing process for the smoothest OD transport possible!

Before ZRATE, many of our customers were paying way too much for oversized transport. Now, with ZRATE’s quick and accurate rates, we’ve happily helped them earn new business. The best part for our customers? We guarantee all ZRATE rates. You heard us right. We said guarantee.

How else do we do magic with ZRATE? We at ZMac:

  • Provide an all-in-one rate, including per mile charges and all applicable permits and escorts

  • Maintain real-time updates based on truck/freight ratio of lanes

  • Assess up-to-the-minute market analytics to determine the cost to transport your oversized load

  • Realize ZRATE is the best thing since sliced bread for oversized freight

“I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how awesome it is to work with Mary from ZMac. First of all, Mary is friendly and very pleasant to talk to on the phone. I can tell that she enjoys the rapport and relationships that she has established over time. I find her to be very responsive to requests for quotes and enroute information. Quite honestly, this is a competitive advantage. I find the ZMac rates to be competitive which makes it easy to single source and know that we are paying what we should be paying. Finally, Mary is very understanding and accommodating when it comes to the general day-to-day challenges of moving freight. This is truly a gift and I promise you that not everyone has it!”
Jim S

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Getting from point A to point B (or point Z, in some cases) requires a thorough understanding of your specific needs, creative problem solving and proven expertise in the industry. That’s what you get when you work with ZMac.



ZRATE offers instant freight quotes for overweight, over-dimensional and oversized freight! ZRATE includes permits, surveys and escorts in its pricing.

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