Open Deck & Over-Dimensional

For the biggest hauls, no one is bigger than ZMac.

Icon of an oversized freight truck with equipment on the truck bed.

The Biggest Jobs, The Smallest Details

The first name in over-dimensional logistics is ZMac. Other transportation brokers dabble in it, but not us. We own this space. Over-dimensional speaks a different language, and we’re fluent in it. It has its own technicalities and complexities we are masters of. Expertly navigating the logistics of moving oversized loads from state to state and coast to coast is what we do every day, and it’s what we do exceptionally well.

Oversized Experience

We bring years of experience masterminding the transportation logistics of over-dimensional freight and oversized loads. We also only work with carriers that are as experienced as we are.

A Partner You Can Trust

With ZMac, you get seasoned logistical skill behind every oversized shipment. What’s more, we stay in constant communication from pickup to delivery, offering agile contingency planning through the entire transport. Problem-solving is something we are pros at.
An oversized freight truck with a low bed carrying a large yellow metal piece travels down a highway surrounded by fields.

Our Word is Our Bond

A lost shipment isn’t an option, for you or for us. We ship the product for the given price, even if it’s a financial loss for our team. It’s a matter of principle; we refuse to make over-dimensional freight any more complicated than it already is.

ZMac Guarantees

With us, you can be sure that we go above and beyond to deliver. We entrust your load only with pre-qualified carriers; ensure your quote includes permits, escorts, routing and is 100% accurate based on the market; manage all legal documentation and paperwork; and get you the right people and equipment on-site when needed.
Two ZMac carriers assist the lift of a large metal box from a low truck bed using a crane.

Other Services

For all your transportation logistics needs, count on the experts at ZMac.

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