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International Excellence

Special rules and regulations are required to cross the border into Canada and Mexico. Luckily, we excel at the specialized, making sure that your freight is in order for a seamless border crossing.

Borders Do Not Confine Us

Our neighbors to the north and south have their own regulations. ZMac is always on top of all foreign details, seamlessly handling them from our end, including escorts and surveyors.

Service That Translates to Success

We understand the value of communication in the transportation industry. Because we always do right by our customers, we’ve built a large network of reliable, pre-qualified carrier connections to both Canada and Mexico, each of which we stay in constant contact with when they are shipping your load.
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Specialized in One Step Ahead

When you’ve handled international freight as long as we have, you can spot potential delays from a mile away. We proactively solve problems to minimize foreseeable delays and keep your load moving steadily across the border.

One Line We Won’t Cross

By the book is the only way we do it. In addition to our team’s knowledge of border-crossing requirements, we collaborate directly with established customs brokers to dot every I and cross every T, ensuring prompt passage.
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