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We’re the last name in shipping for a reason.
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Where Most Logistics Companies Try, ZMac Delivers

The ZMac team treats your shipment like our own and goes to any length to make sure it gets to its destination on time. Mile after mile, our promise to do right by our customers is what drives every move we make.

An oversized load of various equipment and materials strapped to a truck bed at a facility.

A Solve for Every Problem

Tricky shipments have never stopped us. In fact, they’re what we’re made for. Shipping to an unmanned site? We’ll set up rigging services. Uniquely shaped haul? Let’s get creative with our tarp job. Multi-truck project? We're ready with multi-piece metric conversions and multi-truck project planning. Problem solving is in our nature, and it’s evident in everything we do.

Eyes on Every Single Load

We don’t think of consistent communication as going the extra mile. With the team at ZMac, that comes standard—from confirming load and offload details with pickup and delivery site contacts to our in-house track-and-trace team that communicates with carriers around the clock to log transit times. Rest assured, our team has eyes on every single load, every single time.

Expertise Years in the Making

We didn’t become leaders in transportation logistics overnight. It’s taken over two decades of true dedication, teamwork, and skill to become the experts we are today—and it’s for that reason we’re a trusted name among customers and carriers alike.

2,000 Loads Brokered Per Month

That's over 60 loads a day on average! That doesn't just mean we've done the job a handful of times, it means we're experts. From logistics to mechanics, distance to condition, it just makes sense to put your trust in the hands and wheels that, put simply, do it all—all the time.

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100% Real-Time Transparency

With our forethought and communication methods, there are no surprises when you work with ZMac. The price your load is quoted for is the one you pay. The updates we provide on the status of your shipment are real-time and comprehensive. And if for any reason a claim arises, our in-house team is here to guide you through the right solution.

Our No-Fail Policy

It’s transportation: something always arises, and anyone who tells you differently is lying. When you ship with ZMac, you’re shipping with a company that is 100% accountable and committed to getting your load to its destination, at the price you were quoted, regardless of how challenging that is. No other transportation broker can give you that guarantee.

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Innovation: More than Just a Buzzword

Our technology is ahead of the curve, making our tools the envy of the industry.


Our proprietary pricing tool provides accurate quotes in a matter of seconds. No other logistics company can say that.

Unmatched Accuracy

ZMac's ability to accurately pair loads with the right equipment and carriers means the quote you’re given is the one you pay—every single time.

Leading Innovation

There’s no shortage of creative ways we can get your load from point A to point B, and it’s all thanks to our industry-leading technology and tools.

ZMac continues to be a partner of CNH Industrial. They value delivery expectations and support CNH Industrial in putting our customer first. ZMac provides CNH Industrial with the needed capacity in specialized equipment throughout the US between our plants, dealers, and ports. We look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.

Finished Goods Distribution Manager, CNH Industrial

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