The Heavy Haulers: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood

ZMac Heavy Haulers
ZMac Heavy Haulers

It’s time to introduce the strong men of ZMac, The Heavy Haulers.

Q: What do The Heavy Haulers do?

A: As heavy haulers, we dig big. We know it sounds cliché, but the bigger; the better.

We facilitate the movements of loads over 60’L, 14’W, 14’H, as well as all shipments in going and outgoing from Canada and Mexico. We also handle anything that is heavier than 60,000 lbs.

Q: Who makes up The Heavy Haulers and what does each person do?

A: We are a department of two self-described heavy hitters. We interact with everyone from Sales, Management, Claims, and our quality carriers to do the heavy lifting required for the job.

  • Corey Teeple, Heavy Haul Manager

    Corey likes to say he oversees the heavy-duty duties for The Heavy Haulers. Never heavy-handed in his management style, Corey is known for handling his work so effectively and efficiently that he rarely, if ever, has to bring out the heavy artillery.

  • Ben Shovers, Heavy Haul Carrier Executive

    It comes by no surprise that many around the ZMac office can be heard singing Ben’s praises with the refrain, “He ain’t heavy. He’s Ben Shovers.” Ben has a natural knack for exceeding customer expectations and rarely if ever, having to play the heavy.

Q. What is a typical day with The Heavy Haulers like?

A: Every day in Heavy Haul is different from the day before. On any given day we are quoting, problem-solving, and weighing in on what’s best for our heavy haul shipments. We frequently lend our expertise to our sales team by educating them about our heavy haul specialty equipment. We recognize that the more our sales team can keep our customers in the know, the better it is, especially when it comes to planning Super-Load moves.

Q: What interesting challenges have The Heavy Haulers faced?

A: We learn something new every day with all the constant changes, rules, and regulations that go into place. For example, we have customers with specific needs to load and deliver very large shipments into very small facilities. We don’t want to get too heavy with our customers. So, we are always coming up with new solutions for any obstacle that may arise.

Q: What else would be fun to know about The Heavy Haulers?

A: Our partnership is built on two very different backgrounds. Corey grew up around trucking and spent a few years in the oilfield, getting some hands-on experience with heavy hauling. Ben came to ZMac from the banking industry, where he worked for several years.

When not working, The Heavy Haulers share two common loves. The first is watching football, followed closely by playing Call of Duty. Be forewarned, neither of them takes these passions lightly.


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