Introducing The ZMac Elite Sales Class of Fall 2018

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Meet Our Fall 2018 Elite Sales Class

Here comes that drumroll…

It is with great pleasure we welcome the Fall 2018 ZMac Elite Sales Team. These sales professionals garnered high marks during their hands-on 3-month training program. We’re excited for all of our top-notch graduates.

Scott Hall

Hi everybody! My name is Scott Hall (just like the wrestler). I was born and raised in Illinois and came to Kenosha 3 years ago. I have been a sales professional for the last 17 years and enjoy helping people find solutions for their needs.

I’m a father of 3 (ages 24, 22, and 10) and grandfather of 2 (1-year-old twins). I have a 4-year-old black Lab named Hope. I love to spend time with my family and do anything outdoors or sports related; such as swimming, golf, basketball, baseball, fishing, mountain biking, and riding my Vulcan motorcycle. I am also a huge Cubs and Bears fan. I’m excited to be part of the ZMac team and look forward to the future!

Elisha Hileman

Hey!! I’m Elisha, and I’m very excited to be part of Team ZMac! I’ve lived in the Racine area for about 6 years now and am happily married with one fur child, Chloe (she’s spoiled rotten).  I live by the motto: work hard, play hard!

I love being outdoors and spending time with my family and friends. I have a passion for cars and motorcycles. I also do wood crafts, and I can make or build just about anything. I love to cook and enjoy finding new dishes to make. Before coming to ZMac, I spent most of my adult life working in Emergency Services.

I love spending time with my nieces and nephews. I basically turn into a big kid when I’m with them. We have the best time together. I love the holidays! I enjoy all the festivities, but Halloween is my all-time favorite! I’m excited to be on this journey, and I’m looking forward to growing with the ZMac family!

Kristen Jones

Hello, my name is Kristen Jones. I’m engaged and a mom to four incredible children: Oliver, Kentley, Reagan, and Alina. We also have two fur babies, a rottweiler and a terrier mix, Remy and Rizzo.

I currently live on the East side of Cincinnati and am a huge Cincy sports fan, WHO-DEY (I know, I know!). I grew up in a tiny town in Ohio in a house that was nestled between two sprawling fields of corn. I spent a lot of time reading and really enjoyed thumbing through my 1968 edition dictionary. I still to this day enjoy collecting seldom used words. Scrabble challenge? Game on!

Aside from reading the dictionary, chasing little ones, and crying every  NFL postseason, you can usually find me on a beach (or at least daydreaming of being on a beach). I am a big fan of watching the Food Network trying to replicate the dishes in my kitchen. I’m very excited about my future here with ZMac.

Adam Inclan

Hey! My name is Adam and I’m the father of the most beautiful (almost) 6-year-old girl Elyana. She definitely keeps me on my toes. I love spending my down time with my daughter and amazing girlfriend. We enjoy going out to festivals, fairs, movies, and concerts. Recently, we went ice skating and had a blast. In fact, it might be be something we do on a regular basis while we’re in our winter months here in Wisconsin.

I currently live in Kenosha and have for most of my life. I enjoy baseball, football, and basketball. I’m a huge Wisconsin sports fan. You can often hear cheers of “Go Pack Go!” and “that’s my Brew Crew!” coming from my house. I also root for the University of Kentucky’s basketball team. When I’m not watching or going to games, you can find me officiating on a football field, a baseball diamond, or a basketball court.

I’m very excited to start my new career here at ZMac, and learning all I can of the transportation industry so that I may contribute in the growth of this great ZMac Team!

Baron Olsen

Hey!! My name is Baron Olsen, and I’m all over the map when it comes to my sports teams. I am a HUGE Blackhawks, Cubs, and Packers fan but I also root for the Cleveland Indians and Browns since my mom’s side of the family is from Ohio and we still visit annually. When I’m not working, I have lunch with my mom (who has dementia) every Saturday afternoon.

If it’s nice out, you can find me on any golf course. Golf is my biggest hobby. I also enjoy throwing together dinner parties for friends and planning vacations to places that I haven’t been to before. Last year I went to New Orleans (it was a blast) and next year I’m planning to go to the Cayman Islands, so I can soak in the sun and do a little diving (and golf, of course).

I am a proud father of my 16-year-old son Shamus who is in the works of getting his driver’s license…so watch the roads! (Just kidding! He’s actually a great driver.) I am proud to join the ZMac team and help this great company grow and take them to the next level.

Nick Padgett

Hey, I’m Nick Padgett, proudly born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and still live there today. I’m an avid fisherman and enjoy traveling around the country in search of “the big one.”

In 2018, I finally got to marry my high school sweetheart. We have two beautiful dogs who love to tag along on hiking and canoe trips. I’m a big fan of Cincy sports teams, so don’t be surprised to hear me talk about the Reds, Bearcats, and Bengals. If I’m not out fishing, you can find me playing disc golf or sitting around a campfire with my friends.

My professional experience comes from primarily working with tier 1 automotive manufacturers throughout North America in both sales and technical roles. I like to practice the long lost art of doing the right thing for my customers and always having their best interest in mind. I’m excited to take that approach to my new career at ZMac!

Jeremy Wilson

Hello, I’m Jeremy Wilson. For 18 years I was raised on the same piece of property in Claryville, Kentucky. I was fortunate enough to earn a baseball scholarship to a Junior College in Robinson, Illinois, where I quickly found out that there was, in fact, a smaller town than Claryville.

After college, I worked for a local landscaping company for three years, where I learned valuable lessons about hard work. A couple of years later I found myself back in the classroom studying Dietary Technology and continuing to chase my dream of being part of a professional sports team.

I’m engaged and have six amazing children ages 3-11. The kids keep us busy (as you can imagine) but when I’m not cleaning up a mess or moderating a battle for the iPad, you can typically find my fiancé and me hanging out watching some Netflix or Hulu. I am extremely competitive, and I always look forward to our monthly game night with friends and family.

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