Meet ZMac’s 2021 New Hires in Phoenix and Racine!

Meet Our New Phoenix and Racine Sales Team Members!

They’re trained, focused, and ready to provide outstanding solutions for our clients.

Racine, WI

Katrina Brown

Katrina Brown is a sales executive from Racine, WI. In her free time, she enjoys listening to audiobooks and podcasts as well as going to the gym for her “me time”. Fun fact: The key to her heart is chocolate anything.

Daniel McEntee

Daniel McEntee is a sales executive from Chicago, IL. He enjoys shooting pool, working on cars, build puzzles, cooking, baking and binge watch TV shows.
Fun fact: He really loves to cook and bake.

Michael Mahan

Michael Mahan is a sales executive from Milwaukee, WI. Hunting, ice fishing and baseball are a few of his favorite pastimes. Fun fact: He was formerly the chef for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Brandon Best

Brandon Best is a sales executive from Winthrop Harbor, IL. He enjoys golfing, camping, snowboarding, listening to music and spending time with friends and family. Fun fact: He’s a big Chicago sports fan: Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks!

Weston Delcore

Weston Delcore is a sales executive from Racine, WI. His favorite things to do are going to concerts (he cannot wait for the pandemic to be over!), playing video games and hanging out at the pub. Fun fact: He once hosted his own radio show.

Laticia Ballenger-Sylvester

Laticia Ballenger-Sylvester is a sales executive from Waukegan, IL. She loves to travel, and her fun fact is that she loves eating ice cream. Traveling + eating ice cream at the same time = amazing.

Phoenix, AZ

Michael Gallegos

Michael Gallegos is a sales executive from Albuquerque, NM. His idea of fun is golfing, fishing and traveling the Rocky Mountains. Fun fact: He can play Latin percussion instruments but enjoys all types of genres.

Henry Manzanarez

Henry Manzanarez is a sales executive from Madera, CA. His favorite pastimes are watching sports, hanging out with family and trying new restaurants. Fun fact: The achievement he is most proud of is his daughter.

Juliano Albazi

Juliano Albazi is a sales executive from San Jose, CA. He enjoys going shooting and playing soccer on weeknights. Fun fact: He met Joe Montana and Steve Young at a tailgating party.

Andrew Katz

Andrew Katz is a sales executive from Phoenix, AZ. His favorite thing to do is watch sports and a fun fact about him is that he played basketball in a league with his 78 year old father twice a week.

Christine Pike

Christine Pike is a sales executive from Littleton, Colorado. She likes to travel, ski, hike, camp and fish. Fun fact: She’s jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

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