How To Take Ownership Of Your Freight Needs (While Saving Time And Money Doing It)

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Hurry up and wait. Just saying those words make us at ZMac noticeably cringe. We hate the feeling of wasting valuable time, of losing control over getting the job done skillfully and efficiently. Maybe that’s why we’re in the business of facilitating logistics - so that when your OD freight is ready to move, guess what? We get it to move.

But, that’s not the way most transportation logistics companies work. In our industry, that “hurry up and wait” mentality has been the norm for many, many years. Especially in the quoting process.

That’s why, here at ZMac, we set out to turn the quoting process on its head to better serve our customers. We decided to let our customers have access to all aspects of their total freight management. For our industry, that’s unheard of.

That’s ZFreight. And our customers love it.


What Will ZFreight Do For You and Your Freight Management?

Simply put, ZFreight removes the waiting, the confusion, and the mystery behind getting a freight quote. ZFreight uses real-time data to formulate accurate quotes at lightning speed. The cherry on top? Every one of these quotes actually come with a truck.

What else will ZFreight deliver you?

  • A guaranteed price based on truck buy rate
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Route optimization
  • Freight consolidation
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Real-time tracking
  • Automated freight auditing
  • Pre-qualified carrier selection

How Exactly Does ZFreight Put You In The Driver’s Seat?

Your shipping staff and your salespeople can use the same, user-friendly ZFreight program that we at ZMac use. We give your employees log-in usernames and passwords, along with the training needed to make the transition as easy as possible. With ZFreight, you’ve got all that access at your fingertips. Now, that’s what taking control of your freight management really looks like.  (Speaking of visual aids, to see a handy infographic of all that ZFreight can do for you, look here.)

Ask your ZMac rep about ZFreight. And when you do, listen to the passion in their voice when they tell you about it. Because this is something we all believe in;  it’s one of the many ways ZMac is revolutionizing transportation logistics.

Eliminate The Hurry Up and Wait.

Take Ownership Of Your Freight Management Today.

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