Why We Honor Our Commitments – No Matter What

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We’ll admit there was a time before ZMac existed, when transportation logistics brokers were known as a necessary evil part of the industry. Some brokers deservedly earned that title by telling their customers things like, “Don’t worry, your truck will arrive on time, and we’ll deliver your load,” only to have the truck arrive late, or worse, not show at all. Some brokers in the past would even call their customers and tell them, “we’re sorry but, we can’t move your load at the price we quoted. You’ve now got to pay more to get your load moved.” This happened all the time, and it was considered a normal practice.

We couldn’t believe that kind of treatment to a customer was considered normal. That’s precisely why when we started ZMac we took a stand from day one to revolutionize the transportation industry. We took a stand to do whatever it took to remove the stigma of being a broker in this industry by transforming how ZMac does business. It all starts with honoring our commitments, no matter the situation or difficulty. In fact, this matters so much to all of us at ZMac, it is a defining value of our company and a way we live our mission. That’s what we consider to be the ZMac normal.

ZMac Value #1 Honor Our Commitments

ZMac Value #1: Honor Our Commitments

We Do Business Differently For Our Customers

When we say to our customer, “Your truck will be at Point B.”, it’s going to be at Point B. But, every so often, things happen. Unexpected things that unfortunately affect your truck making it to Point B as was originally planned (Think bad weather, traffic issues, equipment breakdown, etc.).

Here’s how we’re different:

We communicate openly to our customers.

We creatively problem solve.

We refuse to go back on our word.

If the truck is late, we’ll tell you. If we need a new plan to fix the issue, we’ll put one in place. If it’s now going to cost more to get your truck to Point B, we’ll pay the difference – Not you. We never, ever, go back on our word to our customer.

Our Carriers Get the Same Treatment

Honoring our commitments isn’t just for our customers – it extends to our carriers too. Ray Ziegler, ZMac’s Vice President of Sales, shared the following story from this past holiday weekend:

“We had arranged one of our carriers to transport an oversized load – a 130,000-pound piece – and deliver it to a job site in Florida on the Thursday before Easter. When our carrier got to the job site, it was empty. Unbeknownst to us, the crew at the site had been sent home early for the holiday weekend. Our driver had to leave his trailer at the job site for unloading on Monday. Meaning, our driver was stuck out of state for three additional days over a holiday weekend, unable to get home to his family.

Our driver deserved a better holiday weekend than that. We stepped up and took care of him, frequently communicating with him, covering all his expenses and extra earnings so that he could make the best of the unfortunate situation. We know that our care and concern for our driver is unique in the brokerage industry. That’s just how ZMac does business.”

It’s Who We Are

Honoring our commitments is one of the most important things we do at ZMac – and we’re proud to do it.

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