Why February 7th and February 21st Could Change Your Life

ZMac Open House Persona Image - Feb 7 & 21 5-7pm

Many of us can recall those rare days in our lives that were so monumental they became life-changing, like a wedding day or a child’s birth. Now, there are two more days to add to that list; two days that might just transform your future and put you on the path to doing great things. February 7th and February 21st are those days.

What’s so special about February 7th and February 21st?

February 7th and February 21st are ZMac’s first Hiring Open Houses in 2018. We’re actively seeking out highly motivated, energetic, and curious individuals to join our team. What does this mean for you?

It means that February 7th and February 21st are your opportunities to:

  • Walk away thinking, “This day changed my life.”

Reserve your spot now for a life-changing day.

ZMac Hiring Open Houses, Feb 7 and 21, 5-7 p.m.

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