Team CNH: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood

Team CNH ZMac Transport

It goes without saying that here at ZMac, we love teams. We’re not just talking the Green Bay Packers. (See you on the field soon, Aaron Rodgers!) We love our ZMac teams. Each of our teams is made up of highly trained transportation logistics gurus, specially trained for their area of expertise. Once you find out a little about our teams, we think you’ll love them too, which is why we’re starting a series of Q&A blogs devoted just to each of them. Think of it as ZMac’s version of the Sesame Street classic, “Who are the people in your neighborhood?”

Without further ado, we proudly introduce you to Team CNH.

Q: What does Team CNH do?

A: We are a newly-formed and hand-selected team that work together to find transportation solutions for our customer, CNH (Case New Holland) and provide superior customer service.

Q: Who makes up Team CNH and what does each person do?

A: We are a 6-person team with a variety of responsibilities.

  • Thom, National Accounts Manager

    Thom is our big picture thinker and always knows exactly what’s going on. His energy, enthusiasm, and humor set the tone for Team CNH.

  • Jenny, National Accounts Team Lead

    Jenny has her fingers on the pulse of everything CNH. As CNH point person, she provides direction and updates to both ZMac and CNH. She’s our Team CNH glue.

  • Marci, CNH Sales Executive

    What doesn’t Marci do? She’s in the front line and in constant contact with Team CNH Planners. Marci is our chief fact-gatherer, and also evaluates CNH special moves, prepares orders for dispatch and always delivers excellent customer service.

  • Alyse, CNH Carrier Relations

    Alyse is our carrier queen, making everyone smile with her infectious personality. She specializes in tracking, assessing CNH special moves, preparing orders to send to dispatch, and delivering phenomenal customer service.

  • Zack, Lead Carrier Executive

    Zack is a problem-solving machine. He maintains relationships with carriers, dispatches freight, and plays a critical role directing the team as to whether or not a lane is profitable.

  • Edsel, Carrier Executive

    Edsel makes it all happen by tendering and booking spark loads. His knowledge, combined with Zack’s, make them an unstoppable team, especially in determining the best lanes.

Q: What is a typical day with Team CNH like?

A: A typical day with Team CNH begins with laughter. Each person’s job requires the utmost focus and attention to detail, so we try to have as many light-hearted moments as possible throughout each day.

Communication is key, which means lots and lots of talking. The group sits in a pod formation with desks facing each other to facilitate open communication, literally and figuratively. Zack and Edsel can let Marci, Alyse, and Jenny know what the rates are for any given request from a CNH planner without having to get up and walk across the office. It makes our team run that much smoother. We embody the term “teamwork.” We see 100% teamwork every single day on Team CNH.

Q: What interesting challenges has the team faced?

A: We get along very well, but one of the challenges we’ve faced is music selection. We’re a dynamic and diverse group of individuals who collectively like every music genre, except country. (Sorry country fans, it’s just not for us!) Since Thom brought in his Bluetooth stereo, we all take turns selecting the music genre to start the day.

Because each team member applied for his/her position, they all wanted to be on this team, and their dedication shows by their hard work, focus, and commitment to excellence every single day. We face challenges head-on and have fun turning them into solutions.

Q: What about Team CNH would surprise people the most?

A: We think that most people would be surprised at the amount of fun we have every day. In addition to music selection, we start our day with daily horoscopes! There are constant laughing and jokes flying around, but our work ethics never falter.

Q: What other tidbits would be good to know about Team CNH?

A: We are the first customer-specific team at ZMac, but we like to think of ourselves as the prototype for all teams to follow. We have Taco Thursdays, featuring Edsel’s homemade tacos!
We take exercise breaks with Jenny leading the charge in office-length lunge challenges, jump rope competitions, and resistance band matches.

Thank you, Team CNH.
And, welcome to the ZMac Neighborhood!

Is working in a high-energy team environment on your wish list?

Stay Tuned. Team ZMac’s got just that in 2018.


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