The Real Reason We Take Pride In Who We Are And What We Do

Pride is a little hard to describe. But you know it when you feel it. At ZMac, we feel it every day. Our pride in our company has grown exponentially; from a small start-up of five dedicated employees to a team of 50 (and growing). That means we’ve built a community of 50 families benefiting from ZMac’s continued success. A success that couldn’t have happened without the ingenuity, talent, and hard work from each member of our team. That’s what pride is all about. Just as Honoring Our Commitments is a value that is part of parcel of ZMac, so is taking pride in who we are and what we do for our customers, carriers, and coworkers.

ZMac Value #2: Pride In Who We Are And What We Do

The Ability To Say, “We Were A Part Of That.”

Pride looks like many different things.To us, there’s nothing quite like seeing a truck carrying an oversized load on the highway and knowing, “We made that happen. That’s our freight.” (And, for our 50 employees, it’s an even bigger boost of pride when they can point that out that cool freight to their kids in the backseat.) We’ve carved out our niche in over-dimensional freight and have developed a solid reputation as the go-to over-dimensional freight broker. Our strong standing has allowed us to be a part of some very big projects. Here are just a few of our projects that propelled our pride in what we do.

ZMac Transport Pride In Who We Are And What We Do

Renowned Sports Venues

We transported oversized and overweight steel trusses and commodities essential for the large-scale construction of:

  • Hard Rock Stadium (Miami Dolphins)
  • Notre Dame Stadium

Las Vegas Power Generator Farm

We moved oversized enclosed power generators with fuel tanks across the country to build a Las Vegas generator farm. Each generator was:

  • 42 feet long
  • 14 feet tall
  • 12 feet wide

Ferry-Transported Super Freight

We ferried 48 over-dimensional silos, one at a time, across Lake Michigan on the S.S. Badger for a Wisconsin-based chemical company. By avoiding Indiana and only needing a short route through Michigan we were able to limit Super Load charges, and lower escort and utility fees. We then passed the savings onto our customer. Each silo was:

  • 38 feet long
  • 12 1/2 feet tall

The Real Reason Our Pride Keeps Growing

So, what is the real reason we take pride in who we are and what we do? It’s one more way we continue to transform our industry and fuel the ZMac revolution.

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