Port/Ocean Freight

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Port/Ocean Freight

Our goal is simple. Safe, secure, and smooth transport of your OD freight. But, what if your over-dimensional load is ocean-bound, headed from Cincinnati to the Port of Baltimore? Or your over-sized freight is being delivered to the Port of Los Angeles and needs to get to Milwaukee? Facilitating the on-the-road transport of your ocean freight across the country and in and out of congested ports adds a level of complexity that requires a special knack for details.

But, details are what we do best. When you work with ZMac to transport your OD ocean freight to and from domestic ports, you get:

  • Proven expertise getting in and out of busy ports
  • Cultivated and trusted relationships with port operators
  • Coast to coast accuracy in port requirements for safe entry
  • Continual communication with our customer and our carriers

You could say, that when it comes to the logistics of transporting port and ocean freight, we know how to steady the ship. We’re experts at coordinating all the details, such as specific port requirements, Homeland Security regulations, necessary carrier certifications, escorts, and customs paperwork.

Too much detail for you? Not for us. We love this stuff. We even created an up-to-the-minute database to house all these particulars, so we’ve got instant accuracy right at our fingertips.

How else does ZMac run a tight ship?

  • Only work with an established network of professional COCs (Container and Ocean Carriers)

  • Leverage our drayage warehouse partnerships to provide the most competitive rates

  • Understand industry standard contracts between truckers/drayage companies and water/rail carriers

  • Attain all required UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement) insurance and paperwork

“Working in specialized international logistics, it’s imperative to partner with knowledgeable and experienced carriers. When I give a load to ZMac, my CSR, Kourtney, completely takes over! She communicates with US ports to schedule loading & ensures we meet our time sensitive delivery deadlines. I never have to ask for an update, because she keeps communication flowing throughout. In a challenging industry, ZMac alleviates stress and always goes the extra mile on the final mile!”
Ashley C.

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Getting from point A to point B (or point Z, in some cases) requires a thorough understanding of your specific needs, creative problem solving and proven expertise in the industry. That’s what you get when you work with ZMac.



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