Committed 100% to successfully delivering your freight.



Committed 100% to successfully delivering your freight.



Over dimensional transport is our thing. And we treat it like the rare and special jewel of the transportation broker world that it is. There are transportation brokers who dabble in over-dimensional freight as a side business. Not us. We understand that over dimensional transport has its own language, own technicalities, and its own complexities. Expertly navigating the logistics of moving oversized loads from state to state and coast to coast is what we do every day. And, at the risk of sounding all boastful, we do it really, really well.

We bring years of experience masterminding the transportation logistics of over-dimensional freight and oversized loads. That means when you partner with ZMac you get:

  • Seasoned logistical skill behind every oversized shipment
  • Agile contingency planning throughout the entire transport
  • Constant communication and facilitation from pickup to delivery
  • Professional problem solving should entanglements arise

To us, over-dimensional freight means one thing − over-delivering on service to you. Not many transportation companies can say that. We not only say it; we guarantee it. Our No Fail Policy ensures that when we work with you, we commit 100% to successfully delivering your freight, regardless of size or difficulty of shipment. Can other over dimensional transport brokers give you that guarantee? Nope.

What else can ZMac guarantee to you?

  • Entrust only the most experienced and pre-qualified carriers

  • Quote 100% accurate rates based on the market, required permits, escorts, and routing

  • Manage all legal documentation and necessary paperwork

  • Secure the right people and right equipment are on-site when needed

“I really enjoy working with Andy. I know that when I assign him with a load, he will follow through to the end with it! I don't have to worry about just being "pitched" and handed an "I'm the best" line and then wonder where my truck is at. He's easy to get a hold of for questions or problems. He never claims to be "done for the day" or "sorry, I'm at lunch" Which I love because transportation sometime knows no clock boundaries. Thanks Andy for being dependable and someone I can count on! It's rare in this industry!”
Tonya T

Who knew over dimensional transport could be so above board? We knew.

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Getting from point A to point B (or point Z, in some cases) requires a thorough understanding of your specific needs, creative problem solving and proven expertise in the industry. That’s what you get when you work with ZMac.



ZRATE offers instant freight quotes for overweight, over-dimensional and oversized freight! ZRATE includes permits, surveys and escorts in its pricing.

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