Load of the Month: The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm When it comes to moving freight, simple solutions aren’t always easy to come by. Logistics play a huge role, and in the case of our latest load of the month, they nearly threw a wrench in the works. Our team was tasked with moving electrical ATS from Grand Forks, Canada to its destination in Fairview, Canada to … Read More

Welcome to our Fall 2021 New Hires!

Meet the new sales team members.

Load of the Month: Ridgway to Milwaukee

Ridway to Milwaukee We were tasked with moving custom brewing equipment for a new brew pub from Ridgway, CO to Milwaukee, WI. This shipment needed to get to Wisconsin asap to aid in the essential task of brewing delicious beer for the fine people of Milwaukee. As always, there were obstacles along the way. Good thing we enjoy a good … Read More

Welcome New Sales Team Members!

Meet the new sales team members.

Welcome to the New Phoenix Sales Team Members!

Meet the new members of the ZMac team in the newly opened Phoenix office.

Meet the Newest Members of ZMac’s Washington Office

Meet the new members of the ZMac team in the recently acquired Washington office, providing a west coast presence and significant expertise in the open deck segment of the industry.

Load of the Month: Generating Great Results

Generating great results. We were tasked with moving two generator engines that were shipped to our storage yard while our customer purchased an enclosure for one of them. When the enclosure was ready, we shipped the engines to Wisconsin to have the enclosure installed. Once the two generators were geared to ship, we tarped them for protection and headed for … Read More

Meet ZMac’s 2021 New Hires in Phoenix and Racine!

Join us in welcoming the January 2021 new hire class of ZMac! These sales executives and trained and ready to help, whether that be in Phoenix or Racine.

Load of the Month: We Never Shrink from a Challenge

We never shrink from a challenge. We were tasked with moving four custom designed and built wastewater treatment systems from Oregon to North Carolina. The dimensions of each of the systems were 32-0 x 11-2 x 11-10. Of course, there are always a few exciting challenges along the journey. Due to inclement weather, the shrink wrap—a critical part of safely … Read More

Load of the Month: Too Big to Find?

Instead of looking for the needle, we were looking for the haystack. We were tasked with delivering concrete cattle bunks loaded with 12 pieces of dunnage (loose wood, matting or material used to keep cargo in position). We began our journey at The Concrete Works in Wasola, MO with the end destination of Lee, FL. Of course, as with any … Read More