Trailblazing Through Innovation

Trailblazing Through Innovation

When we set our sights on revolutionizing the transportation logistics industry, we knew this meant one thing. Innovation. We realized that the future of transportation is in developing technology that builds our knowledge, creatively problem solves and delivers greater efficiency and accuracy for our customers.

ZMac Value #6: Innovate Continuously To Improve

Transforming How Pricing Is Done

Before ZMac entered the oversized freight field, you’d never hear the words ‘instant’ and ‘quote’ in the same sentence. Pricing for transporting over-dimensional loads was hit or miss. At that time, customers would wait hours, even days, to receive a rate that was subject to increase at any time. Pricing was inaccurate, inconsistent, and inefficient; making it hard for customers to trust their broker or carrier, let alone trust that their oversize freight would successfully be transported.

Enter ZMac’s rate quote game changer, ZRATE. We developed ZRATE so our customers can receive instant, accurate, and detailed quotes for overweight, over-dimensional, and oversized freight. ZRATE includes all permits, surveys, and escorts in its pricing. Plus, ZRATE’s technology is lightning fast, doing in 2 seconds what used to take days. Did we mention we guarantee ZRATE’s quote? We’ve removed the waiting, the worry and the wariness from the entire rate quote process. That’s innovation born to change an industry.

ZMac Value #6: Innovate Continuously To Improve

There’s More Innovation Where That Came From

When it comes to using technology to make our customers’ lives easier, we’re not resting on our laurels. We’ve heard time and time again that attaining 100% ODF tracking compliance couldn’t be done. Well, that industry pushback just spurred our innovative thinking to develop even more industry-transforming solutions.

Our next big gamechanger is right around the corner. We’re putting the finishing touches on cutting-edge freight planning system that will further transform the transportation logistics industry. Stay tuned. More trailblazing is coming your way.

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