Canada and Mexico

Sculpting Success on Step Decks

A Fun and 'Prop-er' Freight Journey Through Canada

At ZMac, we don't just move freight; we deliver memories, laughter, and smiles. 🎠 For the month of May, we highlight an exhilarating project where we orchestrated the transportation of four loads of prop sculptures destined for an amusement park in Canada.

Our team ensured a smooth journey for these sculptures, securing and coordinating four step deck carriers to transport them from British Columbia to Ontario.

In this unique intra-Canada shipment, our customer knew they had found the right partner for the job… even from the neighboring country! So, whether it's transporting sculptures within Canada or steel pipes to the town right next door, you can count on us to deliver our word.

Join us on this adventure as we continue to spread joy, one freight shipment at a time. To us, the journey is just as thrilling as the destination. 💛 

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