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Load of the Month: The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

When it comes to moving freight, simple solutions aren’t always easy to come by. Logistics play a huge role, and in the case of our latest load of the month, they nearly threw a wrench in the works. Our team was tasked with moving electrical ATS from Grand Forks, Canada to its destination in Fairview, Canada to supply a new construction site with power. But with inflation and gas prices skyrocketing, our budget was impacted drastically.

Using our proprietary technology, we found a team of solid carriers to complete pickup and delivery both on time and on budget. Our communication included updates throughout pickup, transit, and delivery so all parties were constantly in the know. This allowed for crane equipment to be staged and ready the moment the load arrived for a seamless handoff of all three deliverables.

If you’ve got a load that needs to be delivered, connect with us. We’re here to help.

A blue and red tarp covering freight on a truck.
March Load of the Month Truck

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