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Load of the Month: We Never Shrink from a Challenge

We never shrink from a challenge.

We were tasked with moving four custom designed and built wastewater treatment systems from Oregon to North Carolina. The dimensions of each of the systems were 32-0 x 11-2 x 11-10.

Of course, there are always a few exciting challenges along the journey. Due to inclement weather, the shrink wrap—a critical part of safely moving the load—started to come off halfway through the journey in Iowa. Fortunately, our driver was proactive and contacted us immediately. Working with Ops, we dispatched a crew who secured the needed lumber and supplies and met the driver along the roadside.


Our team rebuilt the structure and applied a new tarp to secure the shipment for the remainder of the trip.

A huge shout out to our Ops team for going above and beyond to notify the customer immediately and brainstorm solutions to efficiently resolve the issue. This ultimately minimized downtime for the driver and delivery. We’re proud to say we delivered on-time with 100% customer satisfaction because we found multiple solutions for our customer while being mindful of costs, safety and time. If you need help with your next shipment, give us a call. We’re here to keep things moving.

A wastewater treatment system on a truck bed.

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