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Large Generator to Texas

August 2014 will mark the completion of the new University of Houston Football Stadium. The new $105 million dollar stadium will consist of 40,000 seats, a synthetic turf, 3,735 parking spaces, and a very large 1,250 KW enclosed generator engine for emergency backup power.

The generator set was 37 feet long, 9 feet 6 inches wide, 11 feet 3 inches high, and 41,000 pounds. The generator set was moved during one of the several severe winter storms that plagued the Midwest this winter. Several delays were incurred due to the severe weather conditions, but with a great deal of communication and planning; the generator was delivered successfully and on schedule.

A large generator sits on the back of a truck on a rainy road.
A white crane lifts a generator at a construction site
A generator on a truck bed with straps attached to a crane
A generator on a truck in a parking lot

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