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Load of the Month: Generating Great Results

Generating great results.

We were tasked with moving two generator engines that were shipped to our storage yard while our customer purchased an enclosure for one of them. When the enclosure was ready, we shipped the engines to Wisconsin to have the enclosure installed. Once the two generators were geared to ship, we tarped them for protection and headed for their final destination in Louisiana.

Just like any delivery—there were challenges along the way—and like always, we were ready. Before we delivered the engines, the client needed us to store their equipment while they searched for protective enclosures. While storing the engines, we purchased heavy duty tarps at no extra charge to shield the engines from the elements. So when the units unexpectedly spent one month at our storage yard, the tarping was critical to protect against high winds and rain in the forecast.

It’s another example of how we pride ourselves on working with our clients every step of the way, regardless of which way the journey takes us.

A wrapped tarp sits at a loading dock.
A close up of a generator engine.

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