How ZRATE Is Transforming The OD Industry

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It’s no surprise that in this business, people want the lowest price they can find to move their over-dimensional loads. Our industry is a price-driven one. And that’s a good thing, except when it’s not. Because, here at ZMac, we know how important it is to safely and efficiently move your over-sized freight. And, sometimes, safe and efficient don’t align with cheap.

That’s Why We Invented ZRATE

ZRATE is not a rate calculator. ZRATE is a market analyzed rate quote tool that delivers instant rates to move your OD freight. This means ZRATE provides real-time rate quotes derived from our exhaustive research of current market conditions (which change every two weeks, on average). ZRATE is:

  • 100% accurate and reliable.

    Based on data-driven details such as time of year, final destination, inbound/outbound lane capacities, etc.

  • What your rate should be to move your OD freight.

    Which might not be the cheapest rate, but most certainly the smartest, safest, and most secure.)

  • Guaranteed.

    This isn’t a “We’ll go look for a truck” at that price. The truck is guaranteed.

What If You Find A Cheaper Rate Than ZRATE?

Well, you might. And, to that, we say, “Caveat Emptor.” (Buyer Beware.) Before you sign off on a cheaper rate to transport your over-dimensional cargo, ask the broker if they have secured a truck at that cheap rate. We bet you; they have not. We hold ourselves to a higher ethical standard, never doing anything that is not in our customer’s best interest. We guarantee you a truck at the ZRATE rate quote. Every time.

ZRATE Is Changing The World of OD Freight Transport

And we’re changing it one guaranteed, accurate rate at a time. Because that’s what it means to work with ZMac.

Step by step infographic of how to save time quoting with ZMac.

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