The ZMac Story

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People often ask us how we got started in this niche over-dimensional transportation logistics business. Oversized freight is such a specialized industry. Most people figure there’s a good story behind ZMac. And there is. The ZMac story about two friends who decided to create something excellent and not average, where employees are passionate about doing the right thing, where curiosity, creativity, and challenging work are rewarded, and where the customer knows we’ve got their backs. That something excellent became ZMac. (Our name, you’ll soon discover is a combination of our founder’s names. Plus, we thought it sounded pretty catchy.)


4 Commitments Founded on the Fairway

Back in 2009, two friends, named Matt Ziegler and Jeff McMahon, hit the links to talk a little shop and play a little golf. They came from different career paths, Matt in logistics and Jeff in national retail construction. But their approach to work was undeniably similar. And undeniably unique. They both had an entrepreneurial spirit, a drive to build a company unlike any they knew of, that did things differently for the right reasons.

As they finished the back nine, they knew they had come up with a groundbreaking concept for managing the complex logistics of over-dimensional freight. It all started with four revolutionary commitments that would set the tone for the future of ZMac.

  1. We are going to be open.
  2. We are going to communicate.
  3. We are going to innovate.
  4. We are going to do the right thing, even if it costs us more.


Knowing our Niche

We knew our wheelhouse. (Pardon our transportation logistics humor) It was over-dimensional freight. With Matt’s operational background and Jeff’s sales focus, ZMac took the industry by storm. Matt and Jeff cultivated talent and invested in curious, problem solvers who recognized they had found a place where going the extra mile was a given and overcoming obstacles was rewarded. Plus, we built an outstanding workspace that Milwaukee Business Journal named one of the coolest offices in the area.

It wasn’t long until we drew upon our commitment to innovate and introduced ZRATE, our accurate, instant rate-quote tool. ZMac’s wheels were in motion. And year after year, our wheels gained momentum. In 2015 and 2016, ZMac was named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce’s Future 50 List of Fastest Growing Companies. There’s no slowing down in sight. We’re poised for 2017 to be our best year yet. That’s our ZMac story. And we’re sticking to it.


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