Helping Haiti: The Story Behind The Shipment

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Zmac’s Part in Rebuilding Haiti

When you’re in the business of OD transport, you facilitate the move of big things. And, sometimes, these big things are more than just big, they’re earth-shattering. For this Story Behind The Shipment, ZMac was called on to help the people of Haiti after the country suffered catastrophic destruction from Hurricane Matthew.


Moving Mountains

To those of us not living in Haiti, Hurricane Matthew feels like ancient history. However, to those who survived the Category 5 Tropical Storm in October 2016, the devastation continues to this day. The small country of Haiti, not fully recovered from their 7.1 magnitude earthquake in 2010, was left in ruins; with a rising death toll, destroyed infrastructure and agriculture, and over 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. As a result, rebuilding Haiti remained a slow and challenging process. That’s where we came in.


What’s The Story Behind The Shipment?

In April 2017, we coordinated the delivery of a wheel-tractor scraper to Port Everglades, Florida, where it continued its journey on to Haiti. The load was 48 feet long, 14 feet wide, 14 feet 9 inches high, and 131,430 pounds. The scraper was needed for its earthmoving applications, as well as mining, construction, and agriculture.

More importantly, we hope that by playing our part in Haiti’s restoration, the country and its people can continue to rebuild and rebound from their disaster.


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A piece of CAT equipment on an oversize load truck.
An alternate angle of the CAT equipment on a truck bed from behind.

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