Not A Bird, But A Plane: The Story Behind the Shipment

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We’ve been sharing with you stories about how what we ship makes a difference in people’s lives. We’ve told you about disaster relief after tsunamis and hurricanes, about animal conservation, and renewable energy. These stories are inspirational. They remind us that what we do here at ZMac really matters. While we love a good story, sometimes what we ship is, well, so unique it falls under the category of “just plain cool.” That’s the story behind this oversized shipment.

The Right Fit For The Job

In this story, our customer was one of the world’s leading global transport and logistics companies, internationally recognized for their commitment to innovation. ZMac knows that innovative spirit well (for a great example of it, learn more about ZFreight). Our two companies were an excellent fit for each other. Amanda, our cracker jack sales person (and newest ZMac mom of a beautiful baby girl), had cultivated a strong working relationship with this industry giant that spans many years.

So, when our customer had a truly unusual, oversized shipment to be transported, they knew exactly who to contact: ZMac.

What’s The Story Behind The Shipment?

Our customer had an airplane body that needed to be transported from Galveston, Texas, to Eudora, Kansas, home of an aviation parts supplier. The airplane body was big and bulky. The dimensions measured 50’ 3” x 8’ 8” x 10’ 8”. Plus, it was challenging to load, requiring two separate cranes to lower it into the trailer correctly. But, that’s what we do best. We successfully coordinated the delivery of the plane. All 20,000 pounds of it.

After the transport was complete, we said to ourselves, “That was truly awesome!” And it was.

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A truck hauling the front half of a plane.

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