Hurricane Harvey: The Story Behind The Shipment

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We’ve said it a million times – there’s always a story behind the shipment. Last month, we shared our tsunami recovery story that forever changed how we at ZMac do business. As a company, we recognize the responsibility our work can play in changing people’s lives, especially in the wake of natural disasters. That commitment came calling again last summer to assist in Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.


Hurricane Harvey’s Wrath of Destruction

Hurricane Harvey was the costliest natural disaster in United States history, shattering the record set by Hurricane Katrina by nearly double. Harvey was the second costliest natural disaster worldwide, after the tsunami in Japan. A Category 4 hurricane, Harvey’s catastrophic path spanned four days, causing devastating flooding and overwhelming destruction throughout eastern Texas. There are few words to adequately describe the vast destruction caused by these types of natural disasters. Communities were uprooted, homes destroyed, and families displaced. As the Tsunami in 2011 had taught us, we knew we had a critical role to play in the aftermath of Harvey.


What’s The Story Behind The Hurricane Harvey Shipment?

Our critical role came in supporting Team Rubicon partner CASE Construction Equipment. A leader in disaster relief, Team Rubicon deployed over 2100 volunteers for the Hurricane Harvey response. The volunteers worked tirelessly in the areas worst hit by the extreme flooding, moving debris, repairing homes, and providing essential support to thousands of Texas residents. For more information on Team Rubicon, visit

For Team Rubicon to be successful, they needed equipment to move anything and everything. More specifically, they needed skid steers that could push, carry, and dump Harvey’s debris. And that’s where we came in.

We teamed with CNH Industrial to move 3 Skid Steer Loaders from Michigan down to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort lead by Team Rubicon in Texas. Working with CNH and Team Rubicon to help those affected by Harvey was an inspiring and powerful experience. We were proud to support the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and make a difference however we could. Because that’s what you get when you work with ZMac.


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Overhead view of two boats navigating a flooded neighborhood.
A construction vehicle makes its way through hurricane wreckage of a residence.
An additional angle of a construction vehicle making its way through hurricane wreckage of a residence.

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