How ZMac Is Fueling Careers For New College Grads

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We love college students. There’s just something about their eagerness to learn, to explore, and to challenge themselves that simply fits with our culture here at ZMac. In fact, some of our most successful ZMac employees are those who joined us fresh from receiving their undergrad degree, when the ink on their newly acquired diploma was not yet quite dry.

Now, some might think, because of our double-digit growth, we’re only looking for college grads who want a career in sales. Sure, we love those highly-motivated sales types.

But, you know who else we love? All those new graduates with degrees in Computer Science, Human Resources, Communications, Accounting, Liberal Studies, Sociology… you get where we’re going. Our growth means we are looking for great people. Period. Great people who can find their future career in with ZMac in Marketing, IT, Operations, HR, and more.


But, What If You’re Still In College. Does ZMac Offer Internships?

The short answer? Yes! Coming soon we will be partnering with area colleges to offer an internship program. That means you can earn college credits while going to school and gain valuable work experience here at ZMac. We’ll be sharing more breaking news on our internship program shortly. Keep an eye on our website for more details.


Shout Out To Our College Fair Friends At UW-Parkside

This past month we spent a full day immersed in the college experience at UW-Parkside. Our college fair was a smashing success. We met loads of students on the road to graduation. (And, maybe, on the road to a career at ZMac!)

The ZMac College Fair was an outstanding opportunity for UW-P students to talk one-on-one with our employees and find out why they have such passion for what they do. Plus, each student left with a ton of goodies. And, what college student doesn’t love free stuff (especially when it comes with a potential jumpstart on a post-college career?)


Future College Grads, Find Out How To Set Your Career In Motion With ZMac.

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