How To Resist A Blast: The Story Behind The Shipment

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We’ve told you several stories about ZMac’s part in relief efforts after natural disasters. For this story, we’re switching gears to talk safety. And, this time, the safety comes in the shape of a 25-ton shipment of modular buildings.


What Are Blast-Resistant Modular Buildings?

When you’re in the business of refining oil, dangerous and potentially deadly explosions, pose a real threat. Protecting people working on-site in these conditions is a 24/7 concern. Blast-resistant modular buildings provide that protection.

These customizable structures are constructed to withstand significant explosions. The module’s exterior thick steel walls are built to sustain a high level of blast pressure. Their interior nonstructural parts, such as cabinetry, lighting, electrical and plumbing, are also designed with the same blast-resistant strength. Every module is tailored to the work site’s specific requirements and can function as portable field offices, including bathrooms, kitchenettes, and break rooms.

So, when a worksite in North Dakota needed a very large, very heavy, custom-build blast-resistant modular office, that’s where ZMac came in.


What’s The Story Behind The Shipment?

We coordinated the delivery of this oversized, overweight blast-resistant load. The sheer length and weight of this module required it to ship in two pieces. Each load was 58 feet long, 12 feet wide, 10 feet high, and 50,000 pounds.

A modular building sits on a truck bed.
The interior of a module building with two rooms.
The interior of a module building with two rooms.

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