The Surprising Truth About The ZMac Sales Team [Infographic]

ZMac Sales Team

There’s no denying human nature. Even though we may not like it, most of us walk around this earth with preconceived notions of what people are like. Take our ZMac Sales Team, for instance. You probably have your own idea of what each member is like. You might be surprised when you find out the truth about who makes up our ZMac Sales Team.

You might, in fact, even see a little bit of yourself in our stellar sales force.

ZMac Sales Team
ZMac Sales Team Coffee Connoisseur

The Coffee Connoisseur:

If you can translate this drink order: grande nonfat, no whip, half-caf, double shot hazelnut latte, then you’re just like our resident coffee connoisseur. (Although, to be honest, the whole “non-fat, half-caf” thing goes out the window every day at 2 pm to become a mocha with extra whip cream and chocolate shavings.)

Other traits of our coffee connoisseur?

An impressive ability to listen with intent to what our customers are saying.
An uncanny aptitude for retaining details regarding just about anything.
A lightning-quick recall of all those details. (Possibly aided by the 2 pm mocha break.)

ZMac Sales Team Culinary Artist in Residence

The Culinary Artist-in-Residence:

Have you ever massaged your kale before cooking? Do you know the differences between cardamom, coriander, and cumin? Can you correctly pronounce and expertly whip up a tasty dish of quinoa to share with your office mates? (So that you know, it’s Keen-Wa.) Then you and our very own Culinary Artist-in-Residence should exchange recipes.

Other traits of our culinary artist-in-residence:

A demonstrable knack for accurately and efficiently assessing a situation.
An all-in mentality, refusing to do anything without putting in 100% effort.
A true-blue appreciation for the importance of camaraderie at work.

ZMac Sales Team Movie Aficionado

The Movie Aficionado:

Are you able to recite full dialogues from The Godfather, The Hangover, or anything Monty Python? Do you know even the most trivial Star Wars franchise trivia? Do you tend to think about things in terms of “two thumbs up” or “two thumbs down”? Then you and our resident movie aficionado have a lot in common.

Other traits of our movie aficionado:

A remarkable mastery of knowing how to speak the same language as our customers.
An undeniable quick wit, punctuated by memorable movie one-liners.
An early adopter of using technology to work smarter.

ZMac Sales Team Yoga Enthusiast

The Yoga Enthusiast:

If the words Downward-Facing Dog pose, Tree pose, and Cow-face pose don’t make you giggle, but rather make you strong, then you’re just like our in-house yoga enthusiast. (Bonus points if you can get on the floor, demonstrate these poses, and then gracefully return to a standing position. Extra bonus points if you carry a yoga mat in the trunk of your car at all times.)

Other traits of our yoga enthusiast:

An impenetrable focus on the task at hand.
A tenacious energy manifested within every customer interaction.
A glass-half-full approach to work, life, everything.

ZMac Sales Team Sports Fanatic

The Sports Fanatic:

Do you know Brett Favre’s record for most pass completions? Who is the MLB career record holder for stolen bases? Let’s not forget the 2017 Nascar Cup Series State Points leader. If you’re making slightly more than an educated guess on these statistics, then, guess what, you could shake hands with our resident sports fanatic. (By the way, the answers are 6300, Rickey Henderson, and Martin Truex Jr.)

Other traits of our sports fanatic:

A contagious enthusiasm that spreads throughout our office and to our customers.
A love of anything team. Team potluck, team happy hour, team foosball, etc.
An enduring perseverance to do the right thing, even when it’s super challenging.

Are you the next member of our ZMac Sales Team?

Here at ZMac, each member of our sales team brings a phenomenal set of traits to their role. Maybe your phenomenal set of traits is just what our ZMac sales team is looking for.

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