Meet the Newest Members of ZMac’s Washington Office

Meet Our New Washington Team Members!

We are very excited to welcome the new team members who bring a west coast presence and significant expertise in the open deck segment of the industry.

Alyssa Jackson

Alyssa Jackson is a Carrier Executive from Vancouver, WA. In her free time she loves hiking, reading and writing poetry. A random fact about Alyssa is that she labels and color codes almost everything in her home.

Bardel G Bybee

Bardel G Bybee is a Branch Manager from Pocatello, ID. When he’s not in the office he loves doing just about anything outdoors like hunting, fishing, golfing and cooking. Bardel’s random fact is that he was a music major in college and managed a rock band who was regionally popular and released an album. We think that totally rocks.

Bob Woynowskie

Bob Woynowskie is part of our sale’s department and originally from Portland, Oregon. He enjoys golfing and laying in the sun. A random fact about himself? He’s OCD. Yes, he proofread this nine times.

Holly Yoder

Holly Yoder is a dispatcher originally from Goshen, IN. When she’s not working with us, she’s a musician. Random fact about Holly is that she has a one year old, 100lbs yellow lab “puppy”. Looking for anyone with training experience, LOL.

John T. Miller

John T. Miller is a Sales Executive from Portland, Oregon. For fun he likes to hike the great Pacific Northwest and travel. A random fact about John is he hears—way too often— that he looks Anthony Bourdain.

Rachael Haase

Rachael Haase is our Ops Team Lead. She was born in Oklahoma, raised in Southern California and now resides in Vancouver, WA. She really enjoys spending time with her family and loves camping and hiking in the great Pacific Northwest. She also enjoys a good backyard bbq and hitting the gym. Not to mention she’s a proud member of the bodybuilding scene and loves the healthy lifestyle.

Rob Miller

Rob Miller is part of our dedicated sales team and from Vancouver, WA. In his free time he loves golfing, fishing and hunting and a maybe not-so-random fact about Rob? He loves the outdoors.

Tyson Kellie

Tyson Kellie is a Sales Executive from Winthrop, WA. He enjoys getting together with friends, sharing family time, gaming and baseball. Random fact about Tyson is that he was born in Saudi Arabia and went to middle and high school in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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