Welcome to the New Phoenix Sales Team Members!

Meet Our New Phoenix Team Members!

We’re pleased to welcome the newest sales team members to the Phoenix office!

Helen Shaffer

Helen is a Sales Executive from Phoenix. In her free time she loves being outdoors! Everything from target shooting with her compound bow to paddle boarding on nearby beautiful lakes. She also loves spending quality time with her beautiful grandchildren.

Alvin Mendieta

Alvin is a Sales Executive originally from Managua, Nicaragua where they have some of the best coffee beans in the Central America. Arizona was not on his radar, but when he visited his brother in 1988 he fell in love with the weather. After graduating from Penn State that year, he moved to Arizona and has loved every hot degree in summer ever since. For fun, Alvin loves to visit Sedona often and his favorite spot to relax with his family (Ardeen,-Wife, Nicole-Daughter and Ryan-Son) is either Hawaii or Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Viva Mexico and for any Penn State fans, please fill in the blank: WE ARE___.

Michael “Tad” Wootan

Tad is a Sales Executive from Maricopa, Arizona. In his free time he likes to hike South Mountain, and a random fun fact is that he kayaked the Rogue River in Southern Oregon.

Drace Talley

Talley is a Sales Executive from Chicago, IL. In his free time he loves music, acts of service for less fortunate and marginalized groups, outdoor activities, living a fulfilling life. You name it, he’s probably into it or has tried it.

Robert “Bob” Bidese

Bob is a Sales Executive from Scottsdale, Arizona via Chicago, Illinois. Bob loves to ski and take his dogs for long walks. A random fun fact is that he invented a drinking game in college that he still (occasionally) plays today.

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