Welcome to our Fall 2021 New Hires!

Meet Our Latest New Hires!

Tim Conley

Tim is a Sales Executive from Racine, Wisconsin. He enjoys hanging out with and hosting events for his family. A fun fact about Tim is that he strictly wears printed socks.

Marco Antonio Verdiguel

Marco is a Sales Executive from Racine, Wisconsin. He likes working out and playing sports including golf and basketball. A fun fact about Marco is that he served eight years in the military.

Mikey Traverse

Mikey is a Sales Executive from Phoenix, Arizona. For fun he enjoys hunting, gun ranges and anything with a motor and wheels. He is a husband and father of three. A fun fact about Mikey is that he has traveled to over 20 countries.

Miekia “Kia” Hoyt

Miekia “Kia” is a Carrier Executive from Oregon City, Oregon. She enjoys hiking and camping, rollerblading, art, reading self-improvement books and listening to true crime podcasts with her baby panther (AKA, a sizeable black cat). Some fun facts about Kia are that most of her wardrobe is thrifted, she organizes her clothes with an app and she has more plants than she has fingers and toes.

Tim Neill

Tim is a Sales Executive, born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Vancouver, Washington. Tim likes wine tasting, cribbage and volunteering to do lighting design in the theater. A fun fact about Tim is that he produced a halftime show introducing the legends of beach volleyball, including Wilt Chamberlain, at the first (and last) World Championship of Beach Volleyball.

Kim Lopez

Kim is a Carrier Executive from Vancouver, Washington. She likes anything creative, including watercolor and acrylic painting, as well as watching movies with her husband and going on adventures in the car with her dog. A fun fact about Kim is that she played football in high school.

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