The ZMac Mission (And How We Live It Everyday)

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There are companies whose mission statement is a sentence written by upper management that’s full of big words which say grandiose things about impressively lofty goals. In these companies, the mission statement lies forgotten on a wall in a corner office. While some employees might be aware of its existence, it means nothing. The mission isn’t real. It isn’t alive. It doesn’t set the tone or define the culture. And, sadly, it doesn’t inspire any employees to make a difference everyday.

That’s not ZMac.

The ZMac mission is a living, breathing statement of our resolute purpose and perseverance for every single member of our company. Our mission grounds us, guides us and galvanizes us. And, it’s way more than empty, forgotten words on a wall. It’s who and what we are.

Our mission is to revolutionize the transportation industry through unwavering accountability, impeccable customer service, and progressive innovation.

We don’t take these words lightly. When we say revolutionize, we mean revolutionize. With every customer engagement, every employee interaction, every problem solved, every idea hatched; we are transforming the perception of transportation logistics companies and changing how we do business.

The ZMac Mission: A True Testament To Our Employees

We are living the ZMac mission, and it shows in our growth. One example? Our unprecedented year over year growth of 55.17% from first quarter 2016 to first quarter 2017. In fact, we crunched our numbers and determined that our 2016 year end revenue would have garnered us a much sought-after ranking in Transport Topics Top 100 Freight Brokerage Firms. (Keep in mind, we didn’t submit our figures to Transport Topics to be under consideration for 2016. But, stay tuned, we just might for 2017.)

At the end of the day, ZMac’s growth is something every member of our company can hang their hats on. More than anything, we acknowledge that our success is a compliment to our incredible employees who challenge themselves to go beyond expectations and do great things day in and day out. We truly are living our mission.

Our ZMac Stories

In the coming weeks, we will share our own real world ZMac stories of how we continue to live the ZMac mission in everything we do.

ZMac Mission Revolution Poster

Find out for yourself how we’re revolutionizing the transportation industry.

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