ZMac Culture: Movin’ On Through March

ZMac Culture St. Patty's Day 2019

After a winter like we’ve all experienced, the month of March can be a little rough. Everyone is anxious for spring, but it still can feel so far away. To this, we at ZMac declare, “We’re movin’ on, March!” (After all, we’re transportation logistics people. We like things to move, and the month of March is no exception.)

It’s a fact that ZMac’s Culture of Camaraderie is a pretty big deal. (If you haven’t watched this video all about it, watch it now.) It’s also a fact that if there’s something to celebrate, even if it’s merely the fact that it’s Friday, we’re going to do it up right. Here’s a delicious taste of how we moved on through March.

ZMac Culture St. Patrick's Day
  • ZMac’s Fat Tuesday Feast

    Our all-company potluck was like none other. Mardi Gras-style homemade treats and our team’s signature dishes made this event one to remember.

  • March Birthday Meatball Bomber Bash

    Who doesn’t like to celebrate a birthday over a meatball bomber?

  • St. Patty’s Day Pride

    We donned our favorite St. Patrick’s Day apparel all day (and indulged in a little green beer after hours).

  • Happy Anniversary Luncheon

    This month, we marked our tradition of commemorating work anniversaries with hot ham sandwiches. Need we say more?

Here’s to movin’ on through March.

We’re ready to ride into April.

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