What Accountability Really Looks Like

ZMac Value #5 Accountability

Merriam-Webster defines accountability as, “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.” We wholeheartedly agree with Webster’s definition, however, here at ZMac, we’ve boiled our definition down to two words. Actions matter.

ZMac Value #5: Accountability to our customers, carriers, and coworkers.

Accountability is SOP

To us, accountability is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Putting our word and reputation on the line is entrenched in every interaction we have with our customers, carriers, and our coworkers. What does that look like to our customers and carriers? It looks like honoring our commitments, every single time. If we commit to doing something, we will. Even if it costs us more money. Our accountability holds true for our customers and our carriers.That’s why our customers are lifelong customers. And that’s why our carriers are the best in the industry.

What does accountability look with our coworkers?

ZMac Value #5 Accountability to Our Customers, Carriers, and Coworkers

Fighting the Good Fight, Together

There’s no doubt we hold our coworkers to a high bar of accountability. With that high bar, however, comes something you won’t find with other transportation logistics brokers, a company-wide culture that sets our coworkers up for success.

Take our salespeople, for example. We realize that being a member of the ZMac sales team is difficult and demanding. Our industry is complex and sometimes, downright messy. But, that’s precisely why finding the right people who relish a challenge and revel in creative problem solving makes all the difference. And, once we’ve found those exceptional people, we invest in their future so they can be successful. No one gets fed to the wolves.

We have just welcomed our Elite Sales Class of 2017. Seven new salespeople charged with the mission of learning the ZMac way, through 6 months of specialized training and 1-on-1 mentoring. Will you find that kind of investment anywhere else in our line of business? Nope. We’re committed to their success from the get-go.

See for yourself what accountability really looks like.

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