The 5 Words That Best Describe What It’s Like To Work at ZMac Transport

2018 Milwaukee Business Journal Best Places to Work
2018 Best Place to Work Milwaukee Business Journal Work at ZMac Transport

Back in 2018, ZMac was honored as a Best Place To Work by the Milwaukee Business Journal. To garner this award, our employees submitted surveys that attested to what it’s like to work at ZMac Transport. Below are some of their responses.

Share 3 ways ZMac ensures its employees know they are valued.

  • We set them up for success.

    ZMac was founded on the understanding that people are the most important part of our company. Everything we do is built upon that foundation. From day one, we support our employees to do their best – from investing in their learning through customized training and one-on-one coaching, honoring family responsibilities through flexible scheduling, tailoring their role to be challenging and fulfilling, and creating a workspace that is vibrant and engaging.

  • We ask for their input, and then we shut up and listen.

    You’ll rarely find a closed door when you work at ZMac Transport. Why? Because we are in the business of problem-solving. We are always up for the conversation, the brainstorming, and the feedback from our employees on how to do things better. Valuing what’s on the minds of our employees is where some of our most innovative, groundbreaking ideas are born.

  • We sing their praises.

    When an employee goes beyond what’s expected, when they test themselves and achieve something they thought was impossible, we don’t keep it a secret. It gets back to that unique atmosphere. We’re like proud parents, and it makes us want to celebrate it (which we tend to do a lot).

What are the most popular perks ZMac offers to employees?

It’s hard to say what perks are our most popular. Is it our commitment to work/life balance? Is it our understanding that family comes first? Is it our in-depth 3-month training programs? Our employee-driven community service initiatives? Or is it our desire to celebrate with lots of food whenever possible? Our Finally Friday get-togethers? Brewers game outings? Go Pack Go Packers-themed potlucks? Lunch hour food trucks in the parking lot? Or maybe it’s the ping pong and indoor putting green. It’s really hard to say.

What we do know for sure is that we spend a lot of time at work. So, listening to our employees to make that time enjoyable and worthwhile is really important.

And, lastly, describe ZMac’s culture in 5 words.

Fun. Unique. Welcoming. Collaborative. Rewarding.

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