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ZMac Rob and Zack

As ZMac continues to grow, we welcome our newest employees, Rob and Zack! Rob and Zack join our Racine office in our Drayage and Operations departments, respectively. Help us welcome them!

[ZMac Transportation Solutions] ZMac: Hi Rob! Hi Zack! As our newest employees, we’d like to welcome you to the team and introduce you to everyone. Let’s dive right in! What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?
[Zack Clark] ZC: I’m a die-hard NASCAR fan.
ZMac: Have you always been a NASCAR fan?
ZC: I got into NASCAR because of Matt Kenseth. He’s from my hometown, Cambridge, WI. My interest then snowballed into collecting vintage NASCAR t-shirts. I have a impressive collection, if I do say so myself.
ZMac: How many t-shirts are we talking here?
ZC: [shrugs] I could probably wear a different NASCAR t-shirt for a few weeks without duplicating.
ZMac: You should break them out and start wearing them!
ZC: I would wear them everyday, however, they aren’t exactly my girlfriend’s favorite, which I totally don’t understand why, by the way.
ZMac: Hm… I see your conundrum here. Perhaps you can break out your favorite for the next NASCAR race you go to?
ZC: I’m planning to go to Chicagoland Speedway in September to see my first race and I’ll definitely pack my vintage t-shirts!
[Rob Johann] RJ: People would be surprised to learn that I was a volunteer teacher in China.
ZMac: That sounds like quite the experience. How did you decide on China?
RJ: I signed up to teach English to Chinese students in a summer program that was in a city roughly two hours outside of Beijing.
ZMac: How many teachers were on this trip?
RJ: About a half dozen others joined me.
ZMac: How long were you in China? Did you get to see any of the sights?
RJ: We were there for a little over a month, which gave me plenty of time to take in the sights. I visited the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square. It was an eye opening experience that helped me develop a more worldly view.
ZMac: Would you count this as the best vacation you’ve been on?
RJ: While it was a great experience, I’d have to give The Best Vacation title to my trip to Thailand. I went there to help my father run his tour business at the time.
ZMac: What kind of tours?
RJ: He operated a small business, which had the unique focus of allowing its touring members the opportunity to go parachuting with the Thai military. Afterward they received their Thai Jump Wings. It attracted ex-military from all over the world.
ZMac: What’re Thai Jump Wings?
RJ: It’s an honorable medal awarded to the Thai paratroopers. The trip falls under more of an extreme tourist schedule during the day, but I was able to see the sights, meet very friendly Thai people, and get to know those who toured with us.
ZC: The best vacation I’ve been on is decidedly less extreme. It was a Colorado camping trip last summer.
ZMac: What kind of camping are we talking: a RV, a tent, or a sleeping bag under the stars?
ZC: [laughs] It wasn’t quite as extreme as just a sleeping bag. We had tents.
ZMac: Where in Colorado?
ZC: I went camping with two friends in the Rocky Mountains for a week. Our campsite was beautiful. Every morning when I woke up, I unzipped my tent and saw the Rocky Mountains.
ZMac: That would be a sight I could get used to.
ZC: Me too. In fact, I’m looking forward to doing it again.
ZMac: Let’s switch gears. What was your favorite TV show growing up?
ZC: “Malcolm in the Middle” was my favorite show as a kid. I remember sitting in my parent’s basement watching it with my sisters and mom on Sunday nights.
RJ: I don’t recall my favorite show growing up, but my current favorite is “Gotham.” I grew up on the Batman comics and they’ve done a great job of keeping every episode interesting.
ZMac: What about movies? What’s the last movie you watched?
ZC: I saw “Captain America: Civil War” in the theaters.
ZMac: What did you think? Was it as good as they claimed?
ZC: Absolutely. I’m really into movies. I’d say I go to the movies just about 3 out of 4 weekends. And I’ll watch anything with Will Ferrell.
RJ: The last movie I saw was “Admiral.”
ZMac: I’ve never heard of it. Was it at the theaters?
RJ: No, I watched it at home. It’s a Dutch subtitled movie about the Dutch fight to maintain independence during the maritime era. I really like foreign films and tend to enjoy European foreign films best.
ZMac: Now we know whom to ask in the office for a movie referral! Thanks for your time, guys, and welcome to #TeamZMac!

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