The 3 Questions Your OD Transportation Broker Should Be Asking You

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Here at ZMac, when we talk to a customer, we actually do very little talking. We spend most of our time listening. We thoughtfully pay close attention to what our customer is saying, and even what they’re not saying. When a transportation broker does speak, it’s to ask more questions; gleaning crucial information into what our customer is truly wanting and needing. In fact, we know that the more questions we ask, the more accurate we can be. And the more our transportation broker can safeguard our customers from potential problems and additional charges.

We mention all of this because, in the transportation broker industry, the way we work with our customers is not typical. If you’re looking for a broker that’s a big talker, who offers no guarantees, and spends zero time asking about your OD needs and concerns, then you can stop reading here. These brokers are a dime a dozen, and we wish you good luck in your transport.

But, for those of you who want a transportation broker who believes their word is their bond, then read on. Because at ZMac, we not only live and breathe OD, we maintain that it is our responsibility to protect our customers from paying too much.

Our Transportation Broker Gets Down To The Nuts and Bolts (Literally)

So, to get back to those questions that we ask our customers- we know they may sound simple, but it’s the nitty gritty details that make all the difference.

What are you transporting (and what are its real dimensions and weight)?

It seems like an obvious question, but you’d be amazed how often this detail is glossed over. We’re obsessed with accuracy; spending our time verifying all the numbers, removing the guesswork and consulting engineered drawings, to determine the real dimensions and weight of your oversized load.

Why do we do this? Because doing our job well means we promptly order all required permits for your OD transport. And these permits are based on the accurate dimensions and weight of your cargo. If we don’t have the correct information, then not only will it cost more money to order new permits, but it will likely eat up more time to transport your OD freight. (Sometimes it can take weeks to obtain a new permit. Yikes. Nobody wants that.)

Where is it going?

Knowing the specific conditions at the delivery site is vital to helping us get the lay of the land. “Where is it going?” opens up a plethora of additional questions that we nail down by contacting the delivery site and getting accurate answers.

  • Are we delivering to a construction site?
  • A remote site?
  • Will there be a crane on site all day or only a specific timeframe?
  • Will it be going on the ground?
  • Is it black top? Concrete? Dirt?
  • How easy is it to get in and out of the delivery site?
  • Will we have reasonable access to offload?
  • Will there be a wait to offload?
  • And so on.

What is its story?

The reality is, what you are transporting is, in many cases, more than just over-dimensional freight. It’s a generator that will be powering a hospital in an area ravaged by natural disaster. It’s earthmoving materials that will build roads in a developing country. It’s irrigation supplies that will bring clean water to rural farming communities.

What you are transporting can change lives. We acknowledge this, respect this and are humbled to play a part in making a difference.

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Are You Ready To Answer Our 3 Questions?

Give us your answers, and we’ll figure out what works best. Guaranteed. Because that’s what it means to work with ZMac.


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