The Top 3 Reasons You’ll Find ZMac At TIA 2019

TIA 2019 Trade Show

TIA 2019 is the 3PL tradeshow to end all 3PL tradeshows. This year’s Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition is set to raise the bar even higher. And, that’s precisely why ZMac’s very own Matt Ziegler will be there, eager to talk transportation, technology, and every industry-leading innovation along the way. Join Matt on Wednesday, April 10 at 10:45AM in the Oceana Ballroom 3-5 as he talks with industry professionals in the session “Learn From Our Mistakes”.

Need more reasons to join Matt at TIA 2019? Here are our 3 top ones.

  • 1. 100 new and enhanced session tracks all focused on 3PL

    30 education sessions, 3 pre-conference seminars, 75 Learning Center sessions, and 5 general sessions. That’s more diverse learning opportunities for logistics providers than you’ll find anywhere else.

  • 2. Over 70 Cutting-Edge Exhibitors

    Seeing new industry developments first-hand, discussing best practices and data-driven analysis with our peers, and sharing our insight about the future of transportation logistics technology. That’s our wheelhouse (transportation pun intended).

  • 3. Networking With 3PL’s Best and Brightest

    It’s hard to imagine rubbing shoulders with 1300 of North America’s most successful brokerage-based logistics professionals in one location. And then you throw in golf…

Join Matt Ziegler at TIA 2019

Experience the latest technologies and developments driving our industry.

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If you can’t make the tradeshow, we’re happy to talk our trade anytime.

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