The Dynamic Duo: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood

ZMac Transportation - The Dynamic Duo

With bated breath, we introduce you to our next group of ZMac rockstars, our Caped Crusaders of training and development, The Dynamic Duo.

Q: What does The Dynamic Duo do?

A: After we engage in our daily battle with The Joker, we turn our attention to our training and development tasks, including interviewing job candidates, onboarding new team members, and attending job fairs.

Our focus (and undeniable passion) is for our new hires in ZMac Sales, Operations, and Carrier Relations, making sure they have the tools necessary to be successful in their roles. Our industry is complex, and we know there is a lot to learn. So to us, it’s all about supporting our new team members from the get-go, and that means developing hands-on, interactive training resources and materials. It also means working one-on-one with our new hires to identify areas that may need further training. Our work is creative, detailed and interesting – and a great balance to what we deal with protecting Gotham City.

Q: Who makes up The Dynamic Duo and what does each person do?

A: Like any good crime-fighting partnership, we work in tandem, yet bring our unique skill set to the table every day.

  • Sam, Training and Development Manager

    Sam is the epicenter of ZMac’s Training and Development. (She also goes by The Dark Knight, but we try to use that name only if lives are in peril and to be real, that’s never the case at ZMac.) Sam’s super strength, like her alter ego Batman, is using her sheer intellect to better the lives of those around. That’s why training and development is a perfect fit for her superhero skills.

  • Andy, Training and Development Coordinator

    Although Andy doesn’t answer to the title, Boy Wonder, the title suits him. Andy goes above and beyond, collaborating with Sam to understand and deliver on what our new hires need to perform at their peak. He is, by nature, an excellent listener and tech whiz, which in combination with Sam, makes for an ideal partnership to train and develop the ZMac team (and to fight crime).

Q: What is a typical day with The Dynamic Duo like?

A: After our new sales team has completed their 2 weeks of classroom-style training, we get into the typical sales routine. We begin with phone training, educating everyone on how to book freight. Then, we move on to their other job responsibilities. We work with each new hire directly, allowing us to help with every need along the way. After 2 months of this training time with us, the new sales team moves on to the sales floor, confident in their skills to do their job. We consider ourselves ZMac’s support system, always on hand to assist each ZMac team member to get to the next level of their career.

Q: What interesting challenges has the Dynamic Duo faced?

A: Besides fending off the sinister schemes of the resident evil forces in Gotham City, our challenges revolve around devising the best methods to ensure everyone is successful in their role. Plus, keeping the atmosphere fun, yet focused.

Recently, training 16 new salespeople with varying skills levels in a large group setting proved to be a challenge, albeit a very rewarding one. Also, coordinating the training of different positions, like Operations and Sales, can be a little tricky. Good thing we’re an agile pair, modifying and adjusting what we do to accommodate the needs of our new hires.

Q: What other tidbits would be good to know about The Dynamic Duo?

A: Our time with our new hires is pretty intensive. When all is said and done, we spend 3 months training each class of new hires, so we end up being super close as a group. We all really feel like a family – with us as the proud parents ready to send our children off to discover the world after our training time together. Plus, we’re big on games. If there’s a way to train a new skill by playing a game, we’ll do it. We make it fun, every day. And, if it’s ever not fun, we pull on our tights and capes. That seems to change the mood in the room.

Thank you, Dynamic Duo.
And, welcome to the ZMac Neighborhood!

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