The Accounting League: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood

ZMac Transport - These are the people in your ZMac Neighborhood. The Accounting League.

Previously, in our continuing saga of, “These Are the People In Your ZMac Neighborhood,” we introduced you to the phenomenal Team CNH, and their extraordinary cohorts aptly referred to as The Squad. Now, it is time to reveal our next group of ZMac rockstars. Please welcome our 4 superheroes of all things numerical, The Accounting League.

Q: What does The Accounting League do?

A: Naturally, from their title, the Accounting League, like the Justice League, battles evil and saves the world on a daily basis. In addition, this capable quartet manages the multitude of little things in the day-to-day ZMac accounting world, overseeing all things related to Accounts Payable and Billing. We do whatever is necessary to make sure our carriers are paid in a timely manner, have all of the paperwork that our customers require, and of course, keep the planet safe.

Q: Who makes up The Accounting League and what does each person do?

A: While all of us are faster than speeding bullets, more powerful than locomotives, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, each of us has independent superhero responsibilities.

  • Melissa, Collections

    Melissa is the backbone of the Accounting League. Detailed, focused, resilient, Melissa’s can-do attitude sets the spirit for the group.

  • Shaina, Billing/Carrier Payments

    Shaina puts the ‘able’ in Accounts Payable. She handles billing and carrier payments with ease and a friendliness that we’d like to bottle up and sell.

  • Mandy, Assistant Controller

    If you look up the word “accurate,” in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of Mandy. She is the Accounting League’s right hand (and sometimes left hand too).

  • Mitzi, Controller

    Mitzi sets the course for the Accounting League by guiding, monitoring, and enforcing ZMac’s internal controls. And, like Wonder Woman, she’s a crusader for accounting justice.

Q: What is a typical day with The Accounting League like?

A: Typical??? What does that mean? 🙂 In accounting, we don’t have a typical day. Our day depends on what is going on in the company. The constants that we have are processing carrier payments, billing, following up with customers to make sure they have everything they need to process our invoices, answering the phones, and of course protecting all of ZMac (and the world) from Lex Luthor, the Joker, and the Penguin.

Q: What interesting challenges has the team faced?

A: Our biggest challenge lately is keeping up with the ever-growing company. ZMac’s continued success is giving us an excellent opportunity to evaluate and streamline our processes. And, there’s the Kryptonite. Sometimes that’s a challenge too.

Q: What other tidbits would be good to know about The Accounting League?

A: We all have similar personalities 🙂 According to a personality test we each took, we’re all in the same realm of how we would analyze and solve problems. Plus, the whole “being an accounting superhero thing” really unites us.

Thank you, Accounting League.
And, welcome to the ZMac Neighborhood!

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