Dear Change [A Thank You Note]

ZMac Team Thanksgiving Thank You

Dear Change,

We’d like to thank you, Change, for the incredible year you have given us. You’ve never let us down. You’ve kept us on our toes as a constant, yet unpredictable, fixture in our daily lives. Change, you’ve spurred us on to be better, stronger, and smarter at our jobs. We are grateful for everything you have done to get us where we are today.

Thank you for strengthening our commitment to do what’s right for our customers above all else.

Change, you’ve thrown us some curve balls this year (think devastating natural disasters among other things), but our ZMac Team has stayed the course; doing whatever it takes to guarantee that our customers’ best interest is always mission one.

Thank you for furthering our mission to revolutionize the transportation industry.

With every customer engagement, every employee interaction, every problem solved, every idea hatched; you have helped us, Change, to transform the perception of transportation logistics companies and impact how we do business.

Thank you for being a catalyst for progressive innovation.

You, Change, are a driving force behind our groundbreaking technological advances, like ZFreight. By challenging us to think smarter and do things differently, you continuously spark our curiosity, propelling us to go outside our comfort zone and do great things for our customers, our industry, and ourselves.

ZMac Team Thanksgiving Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving, Change.

Keep doing your thing, and we’ll keep doing ours – better, stronger, and smarter every day.

Speaking of change, is it time to make a change in your career?

Stay tuned for exciting Team ZMac developments in the new year.

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