Finally Friday!

ZMac - Red Nose Day Team Picture

It’s finally here. ZMac’s Finally Friday Celebration officially kicks off on Friday, June 1! We’ve shared how much we love our legendary Chili Cook-offs and our Packers-themed tailgate lunches. There’s no doubt about it. We like to have fun at work. (If you’re curious, here’s a glimpse of our workday.) Finally Friday holds a special place in our ZMac hearts. … Read More

Introducing The ZMac Elite Sales Class of Spring 2018

Zmac - 2018 Elite Sales Graduation

It is with great pleasure that we officially congratulate our Spring 2018 ZMac Elite Sales Team. This extraordinary group triumphed at learning the ever-changing world of OD transportation logistics. They set new standards for excellence during our 3-month in-depth training program. And now it is time for them to spread their wings and officially become members of ZMac Elite Sales. … Read More

Wind Turbines: The Story Behind the Shipment

Wind Turbines

We continue to recognize how what we do day-in and day-out at ZMac can make a fundamental difference in people’s lives. From natural disasters, such as Tsunami relief or Hurricane Harvey recovery to endangered species conservation, there will always be a story behind our shipments that reinforces our commitment to doing the right thing for our customers. This again was the case when we put our efforts into facilitating the transport of OD freight used to develop a clean, cost-effective, renewable energy source…

Your Dream Career is Waiting

ZMac Open House Persona Image - Feb 21 5-7pm

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a workplace where:
Creativity, stick-to-itiveness, and optimism are recognized and rewarded.
Innovation is an everyday occurrence.
Daring to be excellent is what it’s all about.
Then this blog is for you…

Why February 7th and February 21st Could Change Your Life

ZMac Open House Persona Image - Feb 7 & 21 5-7pm

Many of us can recall those rare days in our lives that were so monumental they became life-changing, like a wedding day or a child’s birth. Now, there are two more days to add to that list; two days that might just transform your future and put you on the path to doing great things. February 7th and February 21st … Read More

Why There’s No Place Like Breakbulk Americas

Behind the Scenes at Breakbulk Americas 2017

We just flew back from this year’s Breakbulk Americas trade show in Houston. (And boy, are our arms tired.) But, seriously, there’s nothing quite like Breakbulk Americas. It’s the largest exhibition of its kind in the Americas, bringing together top-tier shippers and over-dimensional freight providers (like ZMac). And, there’s no place we’d rather be to talk shop and rub shoulders … Read More

ZFreight: The Best Kept Secret For Optimizing Your Supply Chain

ZMac Freight Management System ZFreight

It all comes down to three words. Three words that revolutionize the world of freight transportation management. Three words that deliver 100% access into a fully integrated freight management system. Three words that combine to create ZFreight. What does this mean for you? A groundbreaking transformation in how you strategically plan, forecast, and budget that lets you reap the rewards … Read More

The 3 Questions Your OD Transportation Broker Should Be Asking You

Trucks, Trailers, and Equipment ZMac Services Transportation Broker

Here at ZMac, when we talk to a customer, we actually do very little talking. We spend most of our time listening. We thoughtfully pay close attention to what our customer is saying, and even what they’re not saying. When a transportation broker does speak, it’s to ask more questions; gleaning crucial information into what our customer is truly wanting … Read More

The 3 Big Changes That Transformed ZMac’s Transportation Logistics Business

Back in January in our blog, The Surprising Way Oil Prices Affected ZMac’s Transportation Logistics Business; we painted a pretty dreary picture of how the near-grinding halt of oil production caused a glut of flatbeds in the market competing for the lowest level of available loads we had ever seen. ZMac’s average revenue per load dropped over 30%. Our oversized … Read More

5 Reasons Why We’ll Be At CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017


There are trade shows, and then there are TRADE SHOWS. There’s no question in our minds. CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 is a TRADE SHOW. We consider CONEXPO-CON/AGG to be the greatest international gathering of construction industries under one, very large roof. We anxiously look forward to this event on March 7-11 in Las Vegas, and this year is no different. Here are … Read More