How ZRATE Is Transforming The OD Industry

ZRATE Save Time Infographic

It’s no surprise that in this business, people want the lowest price they can find to move their over-dimensional loads. Our industry is a price-driven one. And that’s a good thing, except when it’s not. Because, here at ZMac, we know how important it is to safely and efficiently move your over-sized freight. And, sometimes, safe and efficient don’t align … Read More

The Inside Scoop On Pre-Qualified Carriers (And Why You’d Better Be Using One)

Pre-Qualified Carriers

Not all carriers are created equal. We sure wish they were, but they’re not. As a leader in the transportation logistics industry, we learned this lesson a long time ago, the hard way. And that learning spurred us on to implement the most rigorous carrier requirements out there. We’ve set the bar very high to pre-qualify a carrier. For us … Read More

The Big Mistake You Could Be Making With Your Port/Ocean Freight

ZMac Transportation Port Ocean Freight Logistics Port of Miami

Who doesn’t love the ocean, right? But, here at ZMac, we love the ocean ports even more. To us, a port signals the beginning or an end to an on-land journey. Our role in the journey is an essential one – overseeing the transportation logistics of getting ocean-bound, over-dimensional freight from its point of origin in the US to a … Read More

ZMac Sales Position Quiz

ZMac Transportation Sales Executive Sales Team

You know that dream job? It’s one that inspires you, challenges you, and rewards you for your hard work, effort, and good ‘ol smarts. It’s the one that seeps into your mind as you’re sitting through endless meeting after endless meeting. It’s the one that finally lets you tell your friends and family, “I’ve found where I belong.” What if … Read More

Why There’s Always a Plan B (and C and D) When Transporting Over-Dimensional Freight

When you’re dealing in the business of transportation logistics, you always have to have a Plan B. When you’re transporting over-dimensional freight; you’d better have a Plan C and D at the ready as well. That’s the name of the game at ZMac. We treat Plan A like it’s golden until we anticipate that it’s not. Then, we move full … Read More

What You Need To Know About Crossing Borders With OD Freight

ZMac Transport

As a transportation logistics broker specializing in over-dimensional freight, we move a ton of large loads (literally). While much of our work involves the safe and secure delivery of oversized loads within the contiguous United States, ZMac has made a name for ourselves as the go-to for freight that requires crossing a border into Canada and Mexico. Why are we … Read More

ZMac Honored As Three-Time Future 50 and Master Mettle Winner

2017 MMAC COSBE Future 50 Companies

For the third consecutive year, ZMac has been named a Future 50 company by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce’s Council of Small Business Executives (COSBE). Making the list three years in a row is a rare achievement, garnering the Master Mettle title. We’re not ones to toot our own horn, but there’s only a handful of fellow Master Mettle … Read More

Trailblazing Through Innovation

Trailblazing Through Innovation

When we set our sights on revolutionizing the transportation logistics industry, we knew this meant one thing. Innovation. We realized that the future of transportation is in developing technology that builds our knowledge, creatively problem solves and delivers greater efficiency and accuracy for our customers. Before ZMac entered the oversized freight field, you’d never hear the words ‘instant’ and ‘quote’ … Read More

The Real Reason We Take Pride In Who We Are And What We Do

Pride is a little hard to describe. But you know it when you feel it. At ZMac, we feel it every day. Our pride in our company has grown exponentially; from a small start-up of five dedicated employees to a team of 50 (and growing). That means we’ve built a community of 50 families benefiting from ZMac’s continued success. A … Read More

The ZMac Mission (And How We Live It Everyday)

ZMac Revolution Poster

There are companies whose mission statement is a sentence written by upper management that’s full of big words which say grandiose things about impressively lofty goals. In these companies, the mission statement lies forgotten on a wall in a corner office. While some employees might be aware of its existence, it means nothing. The mission isn’t real. It isn’t alive. … Read More