The Dynamic Duo: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood

ZMac Transportation - The Dynamic Duo

With bated breath, we introduce you to our next group of ZMac rockstars, our Caped Crusaders of training and development, The Dynamic Duo. A: After we engage in our daily battle with The Joker, we turn our attention to our training and development tasks, including interviewing job candidates, onboarding new team members, and attending job fairs. Our focus (and undeniable … Read More

The Accounting League: These Are The People In Your ZMac Neighborhood

Previously, in our continuing saga of, “These Are the People In Your ZMac Neighborhood,” we introduced you to the phenomenal Team CNH, and their extraordinary cohorts aptly referred to as The Squad. Now, it is time to reveal our next group of ZMac rockstars. Please welcome our 4 superheroes of all things numerical, The Accounting League. A: Naturally, from their … Read More

ZMac Named Top Freight Brokerage Firm for 2018

Transport Topics 2018 TOP Freight Brokerage Firms a TOP50 Logistics Sector

For the first time, ZMac has received an honor like none other. We’ve made the list of Transport Topics Top Freight Brokerage Firms in North America. We’re #114 on the list. Please allow us to put that number in perspective. We’re #114 out of 18,000. Yep. 18,000. That’s why we’re pushing the limits of our Midwestern humbleness and sharing this news. Because, let’s face it, ranking 114 out of 18,000 is huge…