Silvery Minnow Fish Farms: The Story Behind The Shipment

Trailblazing Through Innovation

In 2017, we shared two stories behind some very special shipments. (Read here for more on our involvement in Hurricane Harvey relief and Japan’s post-Tsunami efforts to decontaminate their water supply.) These stories reinforced ZMac’s awareness that what we do, day in and day out, can change people’s lives. While we continue to find ourselves making a difference in the … Read More

ZMac Cares: Spreading Cheer With A Different Kind Of Drive

ZMac Cares Tree 2017

Here at ZMac, we like the word “Drive.” It goes without saying that as a transportation logistics company, a big part of our job involves facilitating the “driving” of OD freight. The word “Drive” also reflects our “drive” to fulfill the ZMac mission of revolutionizing the transportation industry. We do this through unwavering accountability, impeccable customer service, and progressive innovation. … Read More

Hurricane Harvey: The Story Behind The Shipment

Hurricane Harvey ZMac Transportion

We’ve said it a million times – there’s always a story behind the shipment. Last month, we shared our tsunami recovery story that forever changed how we at ZMac do business. As a company, we recognize the responsibility our work can play in changing people’s lives, especially in the wake of natural disasters. That commitment came calling again last summer … Read More

The Story Behind The Shipment

ZMac 2011 Japanese Tsunami story behind the shipment

There’s more to OD freight logistics than meets the eye. Sure, there’s the myriad of details required to facilitate transporting oversized freight from point A to point B. Getting those details right is what we do best. And it’s very fulfilling. But, it’s not the whole reason we set the bar so high doing what we do every day. Here … Read More

The ZMac Story

ZMac Load of the Month - Plant Machinery to Texas

People often ask us how we got started in this niche over-dimensional transportation logistics business. Oversized freight is such a specialized industry. Most people figure there’s a good story behind ZMac. And there is. The ZMac story about two friends who decided to create something excellent and not average, where employees are passionate about doing the right thing, where curiosity, … Read More