How ZRATE Is Transforming The OD Industry

ZRATE Save Time Infographic

It’s no surprise that in this business, people want the lowest price they can find to move their over-dimensional loads. Our industry is a price-driven one. And that’s a good thing, except when it’s not. Because, here at ZMac, we know how important it is to safely and efficiently move your over-sized freight. And, sometimes, safe and efficient don’t align … Read More

5 Reasons Why This Thanksgiving Is All About You

ZMac Thanksgiving Work With Us

Thanksgiving is upon us. Here at ZMac, we are knee-deep into the holiday, swapping sweet potato pie recipes, searching for our most forgiving pair of pants to wear during the festive meal, and vying for prime sofa spots to watch endless hours of football. And, of course, giving thanks. To us, that “attitude of gratitude” is something you can never … Read More