ZMac 2018: What A Year It Was

ZMac 2018 What a Year

Is it just us, or did 2018 go by at breakneck speeds? We’d like to take a moment to catch our breath and reflect on ZMac’s 2018. Oh, what a year it was! Our ZMac family will continue to grow. Stay tuned for early 2019 Open Houses. (And look here for current job openings.) With more groundbreaking work in 2019, … Read More

ZMac Named Top Freight Brokerage Firm for 2018

Transport Topics 2018 TOP Freight Brokerage Firms a TOP50 Logistics Sector

For the first time, ZMac has received an honor like none other. We’ve made the list of Transport Topics Top Freight Brokerage Firms in North America. We’re #114 on the list. Please allow us to put that number in perspective. We’re #114 out of 18,000. Yep. 18,000. That’s why we’re pushing the limits of our Midwestern humbleness and sharing this news. Because, let’s face it, ranking 114 out of 18,000 is huge…