Dear Change [A Thank You Note]

ZMac Team Thanksgiving Thank You

Dear Change, We’d like to thank you, Change, for the incredible year you have given us. You’ve never let us down. You’ve kept us on our toes as a constant, yet unpredictable, fixture in our daily lives. Change, you’ve spurred us on to be better, stronger, and smarter at our jobs. We are grateful for everything you have done to … Read More

Is It Risky To Be Successful: Coffee with the CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - March 3

Is It Risky To Be Successful? When you think about the times in your life that you got what you wanted, were they stressful, exciting, scary? When you bought your first new car or house did it require intense focus? Did you lose sleep dreaming about it? Was it all-consuming for a short period of time? Doing things that are … Read More

Make Change Happen: Coffee with the CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - March 3

How can I get better at my job, improve my skills or get a promotion? If you are asking this question, then you are ready to make the change. Really, the only thing you need to do is want to change and the universe will show you the how. It starts with intention. That doesn’t mean sitting there waiting for … Read More

Dealing With Obstacles: Coffee with the CEO

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - Jan 9

  Have you ever heard this phrase: turning the obstacle upside down? It’s about letting the obstacle create the path that you must navigate. I recently read an excerpt from a book about obstacles and it made me sit back and really think about how we overcome obstacles every day. Each obstacle may be unique, but the response to an … Read More

Being Comfortable with Discomfort

Coffee With the CEO Graphic - Dec 7

Are we always working to be comfortable, or are we currently fighting the uncomfortable to remain the same? With change there is discomfort. Change is inevitable; we cannot avoid it. Nothing stays the same, but growth is optional. Discomfort is the sign that you need to change. It is the universe yelling “HELLO! How many signs do you need?” If you don’t make … Read More