What Accountability Really Looks Like

ZMac Value #5 Accountability

Merriam-Webster defines accountability as, “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.” We wholeheartedly agree with Webster’s definition, however, here at ZMac, we’ve boiled our definition down to two words. Actions matter. To us, accountability is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Putting our word and reputation on the line is entrenched in every interaction we have … Read More

3 Ways We Communicate Openly and With Respect

ZMac Load of the Month - Scraper to Florida

There’s a common thread that runs through everything we do at ZMac. That thread is open communication, and it masterfully weaves its way through every customer interaction to every carrier interaction to every employee interaction. When we started down the path of transforming our industry, we knew that our dedication to open, respectful communication would set our course. That hasn’t … Read More

Why We Honor Our Commitments – No Matter What

ZMac Load of the Month - Tanks to Missouri

We’ll admit there was a time before ZMac existed, when transportation logistics brokers were known as a necessary evil part of the industry. Some brokers deservedly earned that title by telling their customers things like, “Don’t worry, your truck will arrive on time, and we’ll deliver your load,” only to have the truck arrive late, or worse, not show at … Read More

Our Holiday Gift To You

ZMac Holiday Blog

Seasons Greetings! In this time of gift giving, we racked our brains to come up with the best present for you, our loyal customers and carriers. (Y’know, anyone ever tell you that you’re hard to buy for?) We thought about some nice, woolen socks. (Awesome gift, right?) But, we decided no. We considered a battery operated candle. (Fire safety and … Read More

5 Reasons Why This Thanksgiving Is All About You

ZMac Thanksgiving Work With Us

Thanksgiving is upon us. Here at ZMac, we are knee-deep into the holiday, swapping sweet potato pie recipes, searching for our most forgiving pair of pants to wear during the festive meal, and vying for prime sofa spots to watch endless hours of football. And, of course, giving thanks. To us, that “attitude of gratitude” is something you can never … Read More